Fall in love with nature

September 28

Until we can celebrate TD Tree Days safely together in-person again, we encourage you to explore the outdoors with imagination and care. Fall in love with nature this October with an array of activities for you and your family to celebrate the great outdoors while enjoying the many benefits nature provides.

Explore fun and educational activities courtesy of organizations supported by the TD Ready Commitment

Experience an introduction to Forest Bathing Therapy to connect with nature using all your senses

Activity Guide

The Fall in love with nature activity guide† provides you and your family activities to explore the outdoors and connect with nature in new ways. With these curated activities developed by community organizations supported by the TD Ready Commitment, you can experience the beauty of our natural world this fall:

  • Forest bathing experience by TD and Carolynne Crawley: reap the benefits of nature by using all your available senses.
  • Tree journaling by TreePhilly: This is a great way to engage with nature and unwind. Use the prompts to observe and sketch out a tree that catches your eye.
  • Art with tree textures by The High Line: Embark on a material hunting expedition by exploring your neighborhood and then create artwork from the natural materials you find like bark, leaves and small twigs
  • Eco-friendly confetti by Million Trees Miami: With a little creativity and imagination, you can make your own confetti using all-natural materials
  • Nature Hike-and-Seek Scavenger Hunt by The Trustees: Get outdoors and play this game to learn more about your surroundings by paying close attention to your natural environment

Download the activity guide today and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Connect with nature through a forest bathing experience with Carolynne Crawley

Carolynne Crawley, certified Forest Therapy Guide, has prepared a podcast and video for you to learn about, and experience, forest bathing. As she explains in her activities, forest bathing helps us slow down, quiet our busy minds, tune in to all our senses and connect with nature. The practice is inspired by shinrin-yoku, which translates as “bathing in the forest atmosphere,” part of a national program to reduce stress in Japan in the early 1980s. Connecting with nature is also an ancient and modern practice used by Indigenous Peoples to cultivate a deep relationship with the land. Today, forest bathing helps people all over the world experience the outdoors in a new way.

Explore a forest bathing experience with Carolynne in the following ways. Whichever way you choose to participate, ensure you are standing or sitting safely, and that you are aware of your surroundings.

  • Take a wellness break and tune into the two-minute video simulation (link at top of page) to help you experience forest therapy wherever you may be. You can also download a transcript of video (44kb).
  • Want to try forest bathing on your own? Download this 12-minute podcast (27.2 mb), or a transcript of the podcast (79kb), and take it with you next time you head outdoors to any natural setting. You may choose to download the podcast over WiFi and use headphones while listening. Throughout the podcast, Carolynne has left intentional pauses to help you reflect during the podcast, so feel free to remove one headphone to better hear your surroundings.

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